5 Types of Outdoor Memorials

Memorials are symbols of remembrance that help you pay a tribute to your deceased loved ones. Outdoor memorials, in particular, work as great focal points that express messages beyond words and create lasting impressions.

In addition, they help preserve and eternalize the memories of a life well lived. Apart from people, pet parents can also create beautiful memorials to memorialize their beloved pets.

Explained below are five different types of outdoor memorials to help you with your choice.

Lifes a garden

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Adorable Memorials for Your Cherished Pets

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
– Anatole France

Pet memorials as the term itself indicates are memorials meant to honor and remember your adorable pets who are always eager to shower their unconditional love on you and your family.

Memorial for pets mostly include a variety of pet cremation urns, pet cremation jewelry, pet cremation art,
garden stones, marble markers, photo frames, wind chimes, and other keepsake items.

You can choose a suitable memorial for your furry companion by keeping your pet’s personality in mind and the way you want to remember your pal. Most pet parents prefer to have pet cremation jewelry as they can keep it with them at all times.

Moreover, you can also personalize your pet’s memorial with a beautiful quote or heart-touching poetry. Composing a poem in memory of your beloved pet will also help you express your love for your special companion.

Another option for personalization involves getting your pet’s paw prints or photo engraved on the memorial. All these personalization will your memorial more special and meaningful.

Here are some pet memorials for you to explore.

Cream Teddy Bear Urn

Teddy bear urn

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Perfect Memorial Gift Ideas

Sympathy and memorial gifts include a number of items like charming wind chimes, garden stones, remembrance plaques, memorial ornaments, statues, markers, photo frames, books on grieving, memorial tree, remembrance jewelry, and so on. Besides, you can gift a condolence gift basket such as a fruit and gourmet basket to the family.

These gifts allow you to pay a tribute to the departed soul in a beautiful way and help in the mourning process.

Plus, giving a sympathy or memorial gift to the bereaved family is a subtle to convey your condolences to them and let them know that you are thinking about them.

Check out some wonderful memorial gifts below.

Remembrance Tree Ornamental Glass Globe

Remembrance tree glass globe

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Affordable Memorial Garden Markers

You can honor a deceased loved by placing a memorial marker at a cemetery, memorial garden, or even your own garden.

At times, when people need more time for designing and ordering the headstone, they tend to buy temporary markers.

Thus, until the headstone is prepared, the temporary marker made of wood, metal, polyethylene, stone, etc. is placed as a memorial monument. It can be placed in the cemetery for up to one year.

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How To Memorialize Loved Ones

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

It is difficult to accept the loss of a loved one yet necessary to memorialize the departed soul in order to pay a tribute to his or her life and share the beautiful memories.

Not only does this honor the deceased, but it also helps in the process of healing emotionally and recovering from the grief.

Thus, holding a funeral or memorial service is a great way to commemorate a life well lived and to say a final good-bye to the loved one.

Cremation jewelry

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Purchasing And Installing Photo Memorials

There are various types of photo materials like photo memorial ornaments, candles, jewelry, urns, keepsake boxes, porcelain tiles, plaques, markers, etc. Besides, you can add a simple or detailed ceramic picture on headstones, grave marker, or mausoleum front.

You even have the option to choose the shape of the ceramic image such as square, rectangular, oval, heart-shaped, and book-shaped.

They are made of 100% finest porcelain ceramic. Basically, in this process, the picture is baked into ceramic in different steps to create a timeless memorial.

Photo memorial

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Memorial Benches For Gardens And Cemeteries

Installing a tastefully designed memorial garden bench is a great way to memorialize someone special or even a family. You can choose to keep the bench in a cemetery, park, church, hospital, or golf club.

Furthermore, memorial benches and seats can be personalized with engraved inscriptions or plaques. In fact, the ones with backs allow for more engraving. In addition, memorial benches are available in a variety of shapes, designs, finishes, and color options.

Memorial bench

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Memorial Plaques For Loved Ones

Memorial plaques can be placed outdoor as well as indoor. They can be placed in gardens, on memorial trees, memorial stones, walls, and so on. These plaques are usually made of materials like bronze, aluminum, etched zinc, stainless steel, brass, wood, and stone.

They are sturdy and durable. The ones made for outdoor use, in particular, are UV-resistant, weather-proof and easy to maintain. Moreover, memorial plaques can be personalized with wordings of your choice.

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Burial Markers- An Overview

A burial marker is also known as a flat marker, flush grave marker, grass marker, flat headstone, etc. More often than not, these markers are made of materials like granite and bronze. As they are flat markers, they are set flush to the ground.

They can be engraved with the name, date of birth and date of death of a loved one. In addition, you may personalize the marker with a meaningful quote, message, or epitaph.

Besides, you may add scriptural verses and symbols such as rose, tulip, cross, candle, garland, poppy, cherubs, etc.

Grave marker

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Tips For Buying Memorial Wind Chimes

“The true form is magnificently illuminated with gleaming fire. The teaching’s voice is total silence amid the ringing of wind chimes. The moon hangs in the old pine tree, cold in the falling night. The chilled crane in its nest in the clouds has not yet been aroused from its dreams.”
– Hongzhi Zhengjue

A wind chime works as a wonderful memorial gift as it expresses sympathy. Ideally, you should hang it in an open corner when staying in a building so that wind can reach it from most directions.

Wind chimes with a number of tubes can play numerous notes as they can combine more sounds and hence create better harmonies. Those with longer tubes tend to produce lower tones whereas those with shorter tubes produce higher tones.

Memorial wind chime

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