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Memorial Benches For Gardens And Cemeteries – Tortolita

Memorial Benches For Gardens And Cemeteries

Installing a tastefully designed memorial garden bench is a great way to memorialize someone special or even a family. You can choose to keep the bench in a cemetery, park, church, hospital, or golf club.

Furthermore, memorial benches and seats can be personalized with engraved inscriptions or plaques. In fact, the ones with backs allow for more engraving. In addition, memorial benches are available in a variety of shapes, designs, finishes, and color options.

Memorial bench

You can choose from different types of benches like offset benches, leg benches, pedestal benches. Some even have a base and vase.

Moreover, elaborate memorial benches may also feature lovely statues like that of cherubs and angels, or photo etch inserts. Besides, if you wish to memorialize a couple together, you can get a companion memorial bench.

As these commemorative benches need to be strong and durable, they are made of granite, marble, limestone, concrete, and wood. Plus, they may include bronze statues, too.

Wooden benches can be prepared from finest teak, oak, mahogany, iroko, etc. At times, manufacturers also provide plastic laminate, bronze, brass, or stainless steel plaques.

However, some people feel that getting the bench itself carved for identification is a better option because the plaque can be removed. Hence, it cannot be considered as a reliable security aid.

You can shop for memorial benches and seats at the local stores in your area or online stores like Quiring Monuments, Memorials.com, Peter Troost Monument Company, etc.

The prices of these benches usually start around $700 and can reach up to $5,000-7,000, depending on the type of bench and its material you choose.

Garden memorial bench

Besides, you can find affordable and weather-proof, cast stone benches for home garden and patio under $300 at Our Corner Market and The Comfort Company.

Needless to say, when purchasing a memorial bench as a monument to be placed in a cemetery, make sure you check the cemetery rules and regulations, and whether they can handle the installation or not.

In case you are not sure about purchasing a memorial bench yourself then you may make a donation through a Memorial Bench Program to pay a tribute to your deceased loved.

For instance, there is Memorial/Heritage Program for Tree and Bench Donations sponsored by Columbia Parks and Recreation.

In addition, with the donation, you can support the efforts for benefitting the entire community. Another meaningful way to memorialize the departed soul is to plant a tree or make a donation for the same in memory of that person.

Memorial benches that are placed in cemeteries are known as monubenches. They can either be used in place of headstones or simply to complement the gravestones. Thus, simply put, a monubench is a combination of a bench and a monument.

Besides, in case you have opted for cremation you can go for a cremation-style bench that can securely contain the cremation urn. In case you want to find out about cremation, visit www.cremationresource.org.

Hence, it can serve as a permanent memorial to commemorate the life of a loved one. You can install the bench in a cemetery on your grave space or on your own home garden.

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Memorial Benches For Gardens And Cemeteries

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