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Purchasing And Installing Photo Memorials – Tortolita

Purchasing And Installing Photo Memorials

There are various types of photo materials like photo memorial ornaments, candles, jewelry, urns, keepsake boxes, porcelain tiles, plaques, markers, etc. Besides, you can add a simple or detailed ceramic picture on headstones, grave marker, or mausoleum front.

You even have the option to choose the shape of the ceramic image such as square, rectangular, oval, heart-shaped, and book-shaped.

They are made of 100% finest porcelain ceramic. Basically, in this process, the picture is baked into ceramic in different steps to create a timeless memorial.

Photo memorial

When placing the ceramic picture on a memorial monument, you can add an adhesive backing with industrial-grade tape. In case you are planning to purchase a frame along with the picture then you can make use of metal pins, too.

When placing the picture on granite, the surface should either be polished or it can have a smoothed bronze finish. Moreover, you will be required to clean it with rubbing alcohol and paper towels.

While installing the ceramic picture, remember that there should be no moisture on the surface and the temperature in which you are working should be more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the picture would be placed on the stone using a strong bond, make sure you determine the spot beforehand and then install it properly.

Ceramic pictures are also known as cemetery pictures, monument pictures, headstone, pictures, tombstone pictures, memorial pictures, and so on. The price of a ceramic picture depends upon its size. Nevertheless, these pictures are generally affordable.

Another popular way to have the photo of the deceased engraved on a memorial is to get it laser etched. The technique uses computer-driven lasers that create a high-detail image on the memorial with the help of a high-resolution dot pattern.

This can be done on for color print as well as black and white photos, digital photos, painted pictures and even images captured from videos.

More often than not, this technique is used on granite, marble, glass, acrylics, timber, and mirror. Furthermore, like ceramic and laser etched pictures, you can have a bronze picture cast into a solid bronze.

You can find these fabulous memorials at local monument dealers as well as stores like Memorials.com, Headstones and Memorials, OurCornerMarket.com, etc.

You may either send the photo to the vendor by post or through email. Needless to say, send a clear and good-quality picture to the vendor.

Adding a photo on the memorial, whether it is a monument or some other small keepsake, is a unique way to memorialize a loved one as it reflects the life of the deceased. Photos are popularly included in pet memorials, too.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
– Karl Lagerfeld

Thus, photos help capture visual memories that last longer, thereby providing some comfort to the bereaved. Although people usually personalize the memorial with the photo of the deceased, some may like to use an image of a landscape, toy, animal, and so on.

Apart from the photo, you can personalize the memorial with a beautiful saying, quote, scriptural verse, prayer, small poem, a portion of lyrics from the loved one’s favorite song, etc.

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Purchasing And Installing Photo Memorials

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