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How To Memorialize Loved Ones – Tortolita

How To Memorialize Loved Ones

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

It is difficult to accept the loss of a loved one yet necessary to memorialize the departed soul in order to pay a tribute to his or her life and share the beautiful memories.

Not only does this honor the deceased, but it also helps in the process of healing emotionally and recovering from the grief.

Thus, holding a funeral or memorial service is a great way to commemorate a life well lived and to say a final good-bye to the loved one.

Cremation jewelry

Besides, when you choose earth burial or internment, you can choose an elegant headstone for the deceased and visit the grave from time to time, especially on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. There are several memorial options for cremation, too.

For instance, you can buy a nice cremation urn for storing the cremated remains. There are numerous sites like UrnShopper.com, Memorials.com, Stardust Memorials, Urn Garden, etc. offering a variety of cremation urns.

You can choose to keep the urn at your home itself, place it in a columbarium niche, share the ashes with other family members, or dispose of the ashes on land, water, or air.

Given below are some other ideas to memorialize a loved one

Planting a Memorial Tree

You can plant a tree in memory of the loved one as a living memorial. It also symbolizes the circle of life. Hence, you can plant a rose bush, dogwood, Gingko, oak tree, etc. in your own garden or in a memorial garden and place a plaque near the base of the tree.

In fact, this is a great way to memorialize someone who natural beauty and gardening. Plus, it is good for the environment. Read more about creating a memorial garden at this page.

Those of you who have buried a dead pet in the backyard can consider planting a tree around the area to memorialize your special companion.

If you have the cremated remains of the deceased, then you may consider getting a biodegradable urn for the ashes, placing a small plant seed inside it, and then burying it in the ground.

Another option is to sponsor a tree in the City Park or donate money planting a tree in a National Park.

Furthermore, you can go for a memorial tree planting program offered by a company that shall plant a memorial tree on a public land or memorial woodland on your behalf. This shall work as a meaningful memorial gift as well.

Wearing or Keeping Memorial Jewelry

Cremation or memorial jewelry is increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Basically, it is meant to hold a small portion, like about a teaspoon of the cremated remains.

You can also store a lock of hair, dried funeral flower, etc. In case you are wondering what is cremation and what is cremation jewelry then visit www.cremationresource.org

Unlike cremation urn, you can carry your cremation jewelry with you all the time. In addition, it works as a lovely piece of jewelry.

When purchasing memorial jewelry, you can choose from a variety of memorial pendants, rings, bracelets, and so on.

Besides, you can order a cremation crystal, even diamond prepared from the carbon extracted from a lock of hair or a quarter to one teaspoon of the deceased’s ashes. Here, is an article explaining how to get cremation ashes made into diamonds.

Similarly, in ash pendants, the ashes are molten in glass, and you can see the ashes through the glass. In case you are not interested in wearing jewelry then you can display it in a glass dome as a keepsake or opt for a keychain keepsake.

Creating an Online Memorial

You may create a memorial website in memory of the deceased and share the loved one’s photos and memories on the site.

Last-Memories.com, Remembered.com, Virtual Memorials, and various other websites can be of great help in this regard.

Making a Donation

This is another thoughtful and meaningful idea for memorialization. You can either donate in a charity that the deceased supported or volunteer in such an organization.

Besides, you can set up a scholarship or create a foundation in the name of the deceased individual to support a meaningful cause.

Nowadays, those who wish to give a memorial gift to the bereaved family are mostly requested to donate in charity in the name of the deceased instead of getting flowers or gift baskets.

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How To Memorialize Loved Ones

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