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5 Types of Outdoor Memorials – Tortolita

5 Types of Outdoor Memorials

Memorials are symbols of remembrance that help you pay a tribute to your deceased loved ones. Outdoor memorials, in particular, work as great focal points that express messages beyond words and create lasting impressions.

In addition, they help preserve and eternalize the memories of a life well lived. Apart from people, pet parents can also create beautiful memorials to memorialize their beloved pets.

Explained below are five different types of outdoor memorials to help you with your choice.

Lifes a garden

1. Memorial Markers

Memorial plaques and markers can be placed in a cemetery, memorial garden or your own yard. They also work as temporary grave markers when you cannot purchase a headstone right away.

They are usually affordable and easy to use. Plus, you can personalize them with beautiful messages, quotes or scriptural verses. You can also get a nice memorial garden marker to commemorate the life of your special animal companion.

2. Memorial Benches

Memorial benches and seats are usually placed in cemetery parks, hospitals, churches, or in an area significant to the one whose life is being commemorated. Monubenches or memorial benches placed in cemeteries can also be used to complement gravestones.

Not only do memorial benches help you honor your departed loved ones but also have a great utility. Plus, they can be personalized with suitable plaques or engraved inscriptions.

Memorial benches come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and finishes. They can be made of concrete, marble, granite, wood or other similar materials that are strong and durable. Furthermore, if you cannot purchase a memorial bench then you can make a donation to a Memorial Bench Program.

3. Memorial Stones

Opting for thoughtful and creative memorial garden stones or stepping stones is another wonderful memorial idea. Remembrance stones and rocks also work as nice burial markers for your beloved pets have been laid to rest in your backyard.

Furthermore, you can opt for keepsake rocks as memorials. They are cast stone rocks fit for indoor as well as outdoor settings. These sturdy and durable rocks are molded from real rocks and hence look heavy and attractive though they are light in weight.

Most memorial stones are etched with beautiful quotes or inscriptions to crease a subtle sentiment. These weather-proof outdoor memorials are also easy to clean and maintain.

4. Memorial Trees

Memorial trees serve as thoughtful and meaningful outdoor memorials, especially for those who are have a great concern for the environment and ecology.

So, you can plant a tree, bush or flower in your own garden, scattering garden, cemetery garden or some other meaningful location as a living memorial to commemorate a life well lived.

When selecting a plant for this purpose, do consider factors like the soil and climate conditions required for the plant, favorable time for planting, etc. beforehand. If planting a memorial tree is not a viable option for you then consider donating money for the same to the National Forest for a City Park.

5. Memorial Wind Chimes

Memorial wind chimes with a number of tubes are soothing and comforting outdoor memorials. In fact, you can also give a memorial wind chime engraved with a beautiful message as a memorial gift to a bereaving friend.

Most memorial wind chimes are made of metal, bamboo, glass or ceramic. To make the most of this outdoor memorial, place it in an open corner in an outdoor setting on a porch or deck so that the wind can reach it from all the directions. They require six to 10 miles per hour wind speed to produce harmonies.

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5 Types of Outdoor Memorials

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