Memorializing Loved Ones With Memorial Garden Rocks

Garden memorial rocks can be placed at home gardens, rock gardens, public parks, cemeteries, etc. This is an elegant way to honor and remember a departed loved one, especially someone who loved to have fun outdoor.

As these garden rocks are primarily meant for outdoor use, they are mostly made of materials like durable cast stone. They can withstand all types of weather conditions. More often than not, they are easy to install, too. In addition, you can also keep garden statues, and outdoor urns personalized with the name and dates of birth and death of the deceased.

Have a look at some interesting memorial garden rocks shown below.

Cast Stone Memorial Rock – Design 4 with Bronze Plaque

Garden memorial rock

This garden memorial rock is made of construction-grade cast iron, weighs 70 lbs and measures 24″W x 21″L x 15″H. The elegant yet durable memorial can withstand 9,000 psi (pound per sq. inch) of pressure. It comes with a bronze plaque 3.5″H x 7.25″W in size.

You can also get a 240-cubic inch urn with this monument for additional $50. It can be placed underneath the rock as it is open and hollow at the underside. This memorial rock is available at in gray, slate gray, gray-brown, and sandstone color options for $599.

Valor Memorial Garden Rock Tree

valor memorial tree rock

It is a natural planter in the form of a realistic artificial tree that can be used as a charming landscape accent in numerous settings. The memorial tree resembles real tree because its mold is replicated from an actual tree.

You have the option of putting an individual or companion internal urn or memorial compartment within this memorial tree. The garden rock tree also features a bronze plaque inside a hand chiseled recess. In addition, it has an anti-theft metal eye bolt.

You can get this product from in red rock, slate gray, sandstone, grey brown, and granite tone color options at a price of $687.95 instead of $1,370.00. The size of the rock tree is 29″ W x 27″ L x 13″ H and that of the bronze plaque is 7.5″ W x 3.5″ H.

If you are interested in a memorial boulder, then consider Serenity Memorial Boulder Rock again from

memorial boulder

It is a large memorial boulder weighing 234 lbs. Rock size is 37″ W x 56″ L x 29″ H and plaque size is 7.5″ W x 3.25″ H. It is available for $1,787.95.

Variegated Flagstone Remembrance Rock


If you are looking for something more affordable, consider buying this impressive yet cost-effective garden memorial at Amazon for $119.99. It weighs 18 pounds and measures 4” x 2” x 2”.

Personalized River Rock Outdoor Urn

river rock outdoor urn

It is a lasting garden memorial crafted of natural stone. The urn is designed to be buried beneath the surface and the attached memorial stone resting above the ground. It features an image and three lines of engraving limiting to 14 characters per line. Urn made of PVC has 150 cu. in capacity. You can get this outdoor urn from for $175.

Song Bird Garden Statue For Memorializing A Pet

songbird obelisk

This product is designed for indoor as well as outdoor use. It is a pet memorial prepared from cast stone. The item weighs 35 pounds and measures 6″ x 24″ x 5″. You can find this memorial stone at and at a price of $97.50, $107.99, and $110 respectively.

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Memorializing Loved Ones With Memorial Garden Rocks

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